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Offering the Best of Active and Passive

Fund Type

FlexFee™ Funds

Traditional Mutual Funds


Management Type

FlexFee™ Funds:

  • Actively managed

Traditional Mutual Funds:

  • Actively managed


  • Mostly passively managed

Expense Variability

FlexFee™ Funds:

  • Expenses fluctuate based on performance versus benchmark

Traditional Mutual Funds:

  • Limited fee fluctuations


  • Limited fee fluctuations

Fee Calculations

FlexFee™ Funds:

  • Low, ETF-like fee when fund matches or underperforms benchmark
  • Fee rises only when fund outperforms benchmark—up to a set maximum
  • Fees reset annually to reflect current year's performance

Traditional Mutual Funds:

  • Asset-weighted fee, regardless of performance versus benchmark


  • Low fees, but benchmark-like returns

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AB FlexFee Funds

A lineup of equity and fixed-income funds designed to help you meet your long-term investing goals.

FlexFee Large Cap Growth Portfolio (FFLYX)

FlexFee US Thematic Portfolio (FFTYX)

FlexFee Emerging Markets Growth Portfolio (FFEYX)

FlexFee International Strategic Core Portfolio (FFSYX)

FlexFee International Bond Portfolio (FFIYX)

FlexFee High Yield Portfolio (HIYYX)


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