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What is a Practice Management “Go Bag” & Why Should It Be on Every Advisor’s Desk?

As the saying goes, “Failure to plan is a plan to fail.” And with global markets down significantly, many financial advisors are unprepared for the declining revenues that come from a reduced asset base or unexpected client attrition. However, an advisor “Go Bag”—specific, tangible resources to help your practice and clients—can make a big difference in this environment. Watch AllianceBernstein’s latest webcast to hear from AB’s Advisor Institute.

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4Q:22 Capital Markets Outlook – It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

With Richard A. Brink,Eric Winograd, Scott DIMaggio, and Walt Czaicki

October 12, 2022

3Q 2022 Disruptor Series: The Future of Energy4Q:22 Capital Markets Outlook – It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

With Richard A. Brink,Bob Brackett, Jean Ann Salisbury, Oswald Clint and Deepa Venkateswaran

September 15, 2022

Turning Client Trust into Action in a Down Market: A Six Step Conversation

With Ken Haman and Scott Tatum

August 17, 2022

2022 Mid-Year Roundtable: AB’s Portfolio Manager Outlook

With Janaki Rao, Matt Sheridan, John H. Fogarty and James MacGregor

July 27, 2022

3Q:22 Capital Markets Outlook —Walking a Tightrope: Balancing Decelerating Growth Against Rising Market Opportunities

With Rick Brink, Eric Winograd, Walt Czaicki and Matt Sheridan

June 12, 2022

Life on the Other Side – Deglobalization, Reversals in the Supercycle and What It Means for the Future of Portfolio Construction

With Rick Brink and Inigo Fraser-Jenkins

June 8, 2022

Seven Steps to Managing Client Anxiety in Volatile Markets

With Ken Haman and Scott Tatum

May 18, 2022

Income Investors’ 2Q 2022 Outlook: The Return of Interest Rate Volatility

With Brian Resnick, Fahd Malik and Will Smith

April 20, 2022

2Q22 Capital Markets Outlook – Finding Sea Legs in a Storm

With Rick Brink, Eric Winograd, Scott DiMaggio and Walt Czaicki

April 12, 2022

Current Perspectives from AB’s Strategic Research Balanced Team

With Ben Ruegsegger, Tiffanie Wong and Walt Czaicki

March 23, 2022

Muni Bond SMAs: Take More Control with Customized Tech

With Daryl Clements, Alec DeWitt and Gavin Romm

March 17, 2022

AB Disruptor Series: Rising Prices and the Big Trade-Off

With Richard Brink, Inigo Fraser Jenkins, Eric Winograd and Janaki Rao

March 1, 2022

2022 Portfolio Manager Round Table: What’s Next for Markets?

With Jim Tierney, Ben Ruegsegger, Matt Sheridan and Daryl Clements

February 17, 2022

Downshift: Resetting Client Expectations in a Mature Market

With Ken Haman and Scott Tatum

February 9, 2022

Income Investors’ 2022 Outlook: Handle with Care

With Brian Resnick, Fahd Malik and Will Smith

January 27 2022

2022 Capital Markets Outlook – Dog Days of the Recovery: Partying without a Punchbowl

With Richard Brink, Eric Winograd and Scott DiMaggio

January 10 2022

2022 & Beyond – Sustainable Thematic’s Essential Role for Portfolios

With Walt Czaicki and Ben Ruegsegger

December 7 2021

Putting Client Cash to Work - Efficiently

With Richard Brink and Daryl Clements

November 17 2021

Q4 2021 Income Investor Outlook – Navigating the Road Ahead

With Brian Resnick

October 28 2021

Capital Markets Outlook: 4Q 2021

With Richard Brink, Eric Winograd, Scott DiMaggio and Walt Czaicki

October 7 2021

Keys to Maximizing Yield in a Low Interest Rate World

With Brian Resnick, Will Smith

October 4 2021

Winning the Race to Zero

With Kenneth Haman

September 25 2021

Investing in the Time of COVID-19…And Beyond

With Rick Brink, Walt Czaicki, Brian Resnick

August 24 2021

Inflation: Transitory or Here to Stay?

With Rick Brink

August 12 2021

Taking Muni Bonds to the Next Level: Where Cutting-Edge Tech and Fundamental Research Meet

With Daryl Clements

August 4 2021

Fixed Income Outlook 3Q 2021

With Brian Resnick

July 20 2021

Capital Markets Outlook: 3Q 2021

With Richard A. Brink

July 8 2021

Skills for the New Normal: Preparing for Re-entry

With Kenneth Haman

June 9 2021

Sustainable Thematic Investing in a Dynamic World

With Dan Roarty

May 26 2021

1Q 2021 Capital Markets & MWB Income Models Outlook

With Brian Resnick

April 28 2021

Muni Bonds–The Original Impact Investment

With Daryl Clements

April 22 2021

Capital Markets Outlook: 2Q 2021

With Richard Brink

April 8 2021

The Virtual Space: Building Trust and Creating Urgency with Clients and Prospects

With Kenneth Haman & Gershon M. Distenfeld

March 10 2021

Capital Markets & MWB Income

With Brian Resnick

March 3 2021

AB Municipal Fixed Income

With Terrance T. Hults, Daryl Clements & Richard Brink

February 3 2021

AB Concentrated International Equities

With Mark Phelps, Darren Williams & Walt Czaicki

February 2 2021

AB Taxable Fixed Income

With Scott DiMaggio, Matthew Sheridan & Richard Brink

February 2 2021

Sustainable Thematic Investing

With Daniel Roarty & Walt Czaicki

January 26 2021