Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Options

IRAs offer individuals and business owners an easy, affordable way to set aside money for retirement savings through tax-advantaged products. Whether you and your advisor determine you are looking for tax savings now or tax savings later, AllianceBernstein (AB) offers IRA products to fit your specific needs.

Work with your advisor to determine which product is best for you based on your age, how you file your taxes, your adjusted gross income and whether or not you are currently eligible for a company-sponsored retirement plan.

IRA for You

IRA for You

Traditional IRA Icon

Heading Only

Traditional IRA–Tax Savings Now

Contributions to traditional IRAs are made with pretax dollars
  • Must take money out by age 70 ½
  • No income limits
  • Must begin taking distributions by 70 ½ years
Roth IRA Icon

Roth IRA–Tax Savings Later

Contributions to Roth IRAs are made with after-tax dollars
  • No age limits
  • Must earn less than $137K/$203K (single/married) to contribute
  • No time requirements for distributions
Rollover IRA Icon

Rollover IRA–Tax Advantages when You Change Jobs or Retire

  • Moves directly from a qualified plan to the rollover for tax-deferred status
  • Earnings on assets grow tax-deferred until withdrawal
Converting Traditional to Roth IRA Icon

Converting a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA for Tax Advantages

  • No income cap
  • Conversion is taxable, but then investments grow tax free and there are no taxes on qualified withdrawals
  • No mandatory distributions
IRA Business Icon

IRA for Your Business

Simple IRA Icon

SIMPLE IRA – Pretax Savings for Your Employees and Tax-Deductible Savings for You

  • Ideal for companies with fewer than 100 employees
  • Low cost, easy to administer through payroll deductions
  • Filing requirements and fiduciary obligations usually handled by investment manager
  • Must not offer other employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a SEP IRA, Keogh or 401(k)
  • Must match employee contributions

SEP IRA – Tax-Deductible Advantages for All Employers, Including Sole Proprietors, Partnerships and Corporations

  • Ideal for businesses with more than 100 employees
  • Easy to open and understand
  • Earnings on investments won't be taxed until distributed, and earnings can compound on a tax-deferred basis
  • Flexible contributions to accommodate cash flow of employer
  • Employees control their own accounts, but only employers contribute to plan

The information contained herein is from sources believed to be reliable. AB does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. In considering this material, please discuss your individual circumstances with professionals in those areas before making any decisions. 181221141106