Retirement Income for Today’s
DC World

An Innovative Solution with the Flexibility Participants Desire

The Participant Challenge

For plan participants, having income in retirement is the number one savings goal for the money saved inside (and outside) their retirement savings plan.* They want assurance that they won’t run out of money, but many are unsure how much they can spend each year in order to make their savings last. Plan sponsors want to help reduce that uncertainty but also offer a solution that can drive productivity and lower organizational costs.

*AB Inside the Minds of Plan Participants, 2021

DC Plan Participants Want
Guaranteed Income

Pie Chart Plan Sponsors

of plan participants say that the primary savings goal from money saved inside (and outside) a retirement savings plan is to provide income in retirement

Meeting the Challenge

AllianceBernstein, an early innovator in retirement income strategy, offers the Lifetime Income Strategy to meet both plan sponsor and participant needs. For plan sponsors, this all-inclusive solution offers a unique multi-insurer platform, moderate oversight and an overall approach that allows for flexibility to meet varied participant needs. It’s one of the only in-plan guaranteed income solutions backed by multiple insurers, offering participants control of their income, full access to their money and income certainty while giving plan sponsors a flexible, QDIA-compliant income option for participants.


More than $8 Billion

in strategy assets, including more than $3 billion providing secured income benefits*


Over a Decade of Experience

AllianceBernstein is at the forefront of in-plan retirement income innovation



Personalized experience for plan sponsors and their participants


Flexible Plan Integration

Working with each plan’s system for ease of use


Unique Multi-Insurer Approach

Fiduciary oversight and a bidding process that generates competition among insurers for new contributions


Easy to Communicate

Dedicated, award-winning team offers clear approach to retirement income communications

*As of September 30, 2022

Exploring Lifetime Income

Lifetime income is a growing priority in the DC marketplace. In this video series, AB’s retirement experts take a closer look at key dimensions of this critical decision.

Exploring Lifetime Income
Common Sense in a Complicated World

Common Sense in a Complicated World

AB's Lifetime Income Strategy delivers the benefits of target-date funds—with the opportunity to access guaranteed income for life


When investing for retirement, you should consider many factors, including your time horizon, retirement needs and goals. You should also consider your other assets, income and investments (for example, equity in a home, IRA investments, savings accounts, and interests in other qualified and nonqualified plans) in addition to any investments in the company’s retirement plan. The Lifetime Income Strategy’s component portfolios are only available in your 401(k) Plan and are not offered for sale to the general public. Each component portfolio is a separate account that invests in a set of underlying investment components. Separate accounts are not mutual funds and are not required to file a prospectus with the SEC. Interests in these components are not deposits of AllianceBernstein Trust Company, LLC, or any AllianceBernstein affiliate, and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The Lifetime Income Strategy is exempt from investment company registration under the Investment Company Act of 1940, and purchases and sales of interests in the Lifetime Income Strategy are not subject to registration under the Securities Act of 1933. Management of the Lifetime Income Strategy, however, is generally subject to the fiduciary duty and prohibited transaction requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), as amended, and the related rules and regulations of the US Department of Labor. AllianceBernstein provides asset allocation advice and other services for the Lifetime Income Strategy. Any Secure Income Withdrawal Amount under the Lifetime Income Strategy is secured by the participating insurance companies and requires that all contract provisions be satisfied. (Each insurance company only secures the portion of the Secure Income Withdrawal Amount allocated to it.) The Secure Income Withdrawal Amount is offered by and based on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of these insurance companies. The return and account value of the Lifetime Income Strategy’s underlying component portfolios will fluctuate and may be worth more or less than the original amount contributed, including at your retirement date. However, any decreases in value of the component portfolios caused by market performance will not reduce any associated Secure Income Withdrawal Amount. Investing in the Lifetime Income Strategy only guarantees the longevity of income in retirement, not that the income will be sufficient.