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All the Right Moves

Retire with Confidence

October 09, 2013

Retirement begins a new phase of life—one that many people hope will be a time of less stress and greater personal fulfillment. Nonetheless, even people of substantial means may no longer feel confident that their actual retirement will match their expectations. This anxiety is understandable: Retirees can’t do anything about our ever-increasing longevity, rising tax rates, the threat of inflation, and capital-market returns that may well prove less robust than in the past. All of these hurdles make a financially secure retirement more difficult to attain.

But, our research points out, there’s much that retirees and prospective retirees can control—primary among them the asset allocation of their portfolios, their spending and savings levels, and the timing of their retirement. These are all “levers” that can, with the assistance of a broad-based professional team, be adjusted to a retiree’s advantage. The more individuals know and the better they understand the “right moves,” the greater the likelihood that they will be able to meet their goals comfortably over the decades to come.

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