Commitment Takes Action

Responsibility isn’t passive. At AB, we view corporate responsibility as an active pursuit that unites all parts of our firm—from the way we work and act to our community service and the investment solutions we deliver to our clients.

Our Vision of Corporate Responsibility


to a fiduciary culture that embraces core ethical values—and that’s supported by rigorous risk management


an inclusive, diverse and collaborative environment that offers a world of opportunity to build empowering careers


our communities by encouraging philanthropy through charitable giving and employee volunteer efforts


our environment by making our operations more sustainable and providing investment solutions for a better tomorrow

Serving Our Clients… Responsibly

AB’s vision is to be the most trusted investment firm in the world—and that trust starts with our people. We share a passion for research, driven by a culture committed to relentlessness, ingenuity, team orientation and accountability. Each of our three businesses is focused on generating better outcomes for our clients…and doing it in a responsible way.

  • Asset management with a unique combination of expertise, innovative solutions and global reach, advancing the success of clients ranging from individual investors to the world’s largest institutions
  • Independent sell-side research and brokerage services delivering trusted research and execution that keeps our clients ahead of what’s next
  • Sophisticated wealth-planning tools and advice for high-net-worth individuals, families and smaller institutions, giving them clarity to make well-informed financial decisions and achieve their goals

Commitment Takes Action

AB Riders Supports Bike MS 2018, New York City, USA

Responsibility—in Actions and Investments

At AB, we share a collective mission to serve our clients, employees, communities and future generations in a responsible way. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to being responsible in our actions as a corporation and in how we invest.

Here’s one way we’re walking the walk: We’re committed to housing our employees in environmentally friendly offices. We’ve set a goal to increase the percentage of AB employees working in green buildings—as defined by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or other local standards—to 65% by 2025.

“To us, corporate responsibility is an ongoing commitment—a journey, not a destination. It’s woven tightly into the fabric of who we are as a firm.”
—Seth Bernstein, President and CEO

We Act Responsibly

We have an unwavering commitment to advancing our efforts as a responsible firm.


We Invest Responsibly

We fully integrate ESG considerations in our investment process and design purpose-driven solutions.


We Act Responsibly
Ethnically Diverse = African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian. Ethnic diversity information is US only. Data as of 12/31/2019.

The environmental, social and governance (ESG) categories are a common framework for assessing corporate responsibility efforts. At AB, we strive every day to become a more responsible firm, and as measured by the Global Reporting Initiative, we continue to advance on each of these fronts.

Data Disclosures

Explore tables with detailed data on AB’s corporate responsibility efforts, including information on our workforce, greenhouse gas emissions and philanthropy.

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