Disruptor Series

A quarterly insight and event series providing distinct perspectives on critical issues facing the capital markets.

Q2 Topic: Deglobalization

For decades, globalization’s rise has driven down inflationary pressures and yields, thus increasing corporate profit margins, valuations in equity markets, and bond prices.

But with COVID-19, and most recently in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, we’ve witnessed its vulnerabilities. Portfolio construction approaches must adapt to a structurally very different backdrop in order to do service to the largest retiring generation in developed market history.

Portfolio construction must adapt to this first major structural turning point in the investment landscape in 40 years. Join us as we explore deglobalization in AB’s Disruptor Series and discuss:

  • Pressures that globalization has faced over the past several years
  • What this means for growth and real return expectations in the coming years
  • The urgent risk investors face if they do not begin to make modifications to portfolio design


Life on the Other Side: On Deglobalization, Reversals in the Supercycle and What it Means for the Future of Portfolio Construction

Wednesday, June 8, 2022
10:00am PT | 1:00pm ET

Deglobalization, Supercycle Reversals and Future of Portfolio Construction

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Deglobalization, Supercycle Reversals and Future of Portfolio Construction

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