From prospecting to quarterly reviews, virtual has become the new normal for financial advisors. Utilize these resources from the AllianceBernstein Advisor Institute to effectively engage with your clients and continue to grow your practice during this period.

What Are the Four Different Types of Clients?

Many financial advisors are fascinated by personality-testing models but struggle when applying the information to their daily work. We’ve developed a simple model that you can use to navigate relationships with your clients.

The Most Dangerous Question You’ll Ever Have to Answer

Beware the unasked questions that clients have that signal a dangerous breakdown in the advisor-client relationship. Here’s what you need to know.

Are We in the Middle of a Paradigm Shift?

There’s a paradigm shift occurring in the financial-services industry. Digital intermediaries are rewriting the rules about the value of a human advisor and acceptable portfolio-management fees. Savvy financial advisors must shift or become obsolete.

What Does Winnie the Pooh Know That We Don’t?

Financial advisors can gain a new outlook on practice management by reading Benjamin Hoff’s book The Tao of Pooh. This blog shows how a bear with “Very Little Brain” can be among the wisest of advisors.

Accepting the Inevitable

As the race begins to vaccinate the entire world, I think about how hard it is to accept our limitations as human beings. Some of these limitations are our coping methods, which both help and hurt us in our personal lives and when making investment decisions.

Five Ways to Increase Clients’ Trust in You

To grow your advisory business, you need to have clients who trust you. Follow these simple steps to build proactive client relationships, protect your practice and increase referrals.

What Psychology Tells Us About the Future

Investors are shifting their focus from egocentric concerns to a more expansive goal for positive impact: environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing. To remain competitive, client-facing advisors must recognize this development and create a thoughtful and well-informed point of view about ESG investing.

Why Are Two Heads Better Than One?

In the airline and financial-services industries, narrow framing is a chronic and serious problem. Just as a pilot relies on a copilot, an advisor can benefit from a Standard of Care and wealth-management checklists. Here’s why.

What’s the One Thing You Need to Improve This Year?

Do you remember the scene in the movie City Slickers in which Jack Palance, who plays the old cowboy, asks Billy Crystal, “Do you know what the secret of life is?” The latest blog from the AB Advisor Institute explores the one thing that can transform your new business outreach.

It’s 2021: What’s Ahead?

Now’s the time to put the challenges of 2020 behind us and start the new year with a fresh perspective. While we can’t predict the future, we can break away from old behaviors and be intentional about our choices in the new year.

Why Should We Remember the Year of the Missing Toilet Paper?

The events of 2020 remind us that life is complicated and fragile and that being prepared really does matter. Could this inspire you to become a character of great significance in the lives of your clients because of how you comfort, lead and inspire them?

The Pandemic Hits the Housing Market. What Can Advisors Do?

People are fleeing the cities and re-envisioning their lifestyles. Why are advisors neglecting the opportunities to fully engage with their clients during this lifestyle shift? A robust Standard of Care can help ensure that you provide clients with the services they need in today’s environment.

What’s the Difference Between a Good Advisor and a Great One?

Years ago, long before I started consulting in financial services, I completed a rotation as a clinical chaplain as part of my theological training. I worked at a large trauma center in suburban New Jersey, and my main assignments were the intensive care unit, the cardiac care unit and the emergency room. As you might imagine, it was a very impactful learning experience.

Webcast Replay: Managing A High-Performance Team In A Virtual Environment

Ken Haman, from the AB Advisor Institute, provides helpful insights for advisors who find themselves leading virtual teams this year.

Advice for Advisors: Why an Ounce of Prevention Is Worth 300,000,000 Doses of Cure

Why is it hard to get clients to take preventative action to protect themselves from real and measurable risks?

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