Responsible Investing:
Commitment Drives Action

At AllianceBernstein (AB), we are dedicated to continuously advancing the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in our investment processes, our client solutions — "Portfolios with Purpose" — and in the way we engage company management teams and stakeholders.

Responsible Investing Report 2020

Responsibility in Actions and Investments

Serving our clients, employees, communities and future generations in a responsible way is our mission at AB. That pledge applies to our actions as a corporation and how we invest.


An unwavering commitment to fully embedding responsibility into every aspect of our firm.

Our Commitment

Utilising a framework of research, analytical tools and training, we provide subject matter expertise to AB Analysts, Portfolio Managers and to our Clients.

Research & Training

ESG analysis and engagement is a fundamental part of active investment, research and risk management.

Integration & Engagement

Focused on designing a range of solutions, including "Portfolios with Purpose", to deliver the outcomes investors desire.


View AB fund classifications under the new EU Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

Featured Insights

Improving Climate Change Models for Investments

Measuring the effects of climate change on investment valuations has catalyzed a new industry that needs to grow up quickly as disclosure requirements, stakeholder expectations and market awareness are increasing rapidly. At AllianceBernstein, we have partnered with Columbia University’s Earth Institute to conduct an extensive review of existing climate change scenario-analysis providers and their various approaches.

21 January 2021
How to Choose a Sustainable Equity Portfolio
How to Choose a Sustainable Equity Portfolio

Investors are flocking to sustainable equity funds, with inflows breaking new records in 2020. But choosing a sustainable equity manager is still challenging. Here’s what investors should look for to identify portfolios that align with their responsible investing goals.

By Dan Roarty Sarah Tunnel | 01 February 2021
>How Shopping—and Investing—Might Be Enabling Modern Slavery
How Shopping—and Investing—Might Be Enabling Modern Slavery

It may seem shocking, but a simple trip to the local store to pick up fresh produce or clothing could enable human exploitation. For investors, those same connections can exist within their portfolios—and it takes more than a passive effort to root them out.

By Michelle Dunstan, | 25 January 2021
Analyzing Corporate Culture: An Investor’s Guide
Analyzing Corporate Culture: An Investor’s Guide

Corporate executive Louis Gerstner once said, “in the end, an organization is nothing more than the collective capacity of its people to create value.”

By Michelle Dunstan, | 07 December 2020
>Building a Culture That Lasts—and Adapts
Building a Culture That Lasts—and Adapts

Most businesses would agree that corporate culture is a vital component of their success, but their understanding of what culture is, and what purpose it serves, might differ markedly.

By Sharon Fay, Janessa Cox-Irvin, Meg Harris | 07 December 2020

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