AB Risk Management Strategies

Few nowadays would disagree with legendary investor Benjamin Graham when he said: “The essence of investment management is the management of risks, not the management of returns.” Increasingly, investors care as much about the path to their long-term investment goals as the goals themselves. Now, more than ever, managing investments requires an awareness of the dangers of large and unforeseen swings in prices.

We believe we are well placed to address these so-called “tail risks”. We have developed sophisticated ways to measure as well as manage volatility and the threat of substantial loss. Drawing on this knowledge we have developed:

  • Strategies to mitigate, control or diversify market and/or active risk
  • Strategies that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of investors
  • Expertise in how to incorporate these approaches into an investment scheme
AllianceBernstein Risk Control Strategies

Our key approaches are outlined in the display. Further information on three of them can be found below (follow the links for more detail):

Tail Hedges

We can protect against extreme events with a range of tools from simple “insurance” using options to volatility-focused strategies which can be embedded in a portfolio.

Dynamic Risk Management

Our sophisticated forecasting tools can more accurately gauge changes in the prevailing risk environment across a range of asset classes, allowing portfolios to be positioned accordingly.

Risk Parity

Our multi-asset approach offers a more dynamic way of protecting against sudden market drops, while sacrificing less potential gain in doing so.

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