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In a rapidly changing world, we believe it’s vital to focus on solutions to the challenges that will persist and shape the future. By investing in the economic activities that accelerate the shift to a more sustainable world, we can play our part in driving positive change as well as aiming to deliver financial returns for our clients.

Clearer Criteria for Clearer Outcomes

What’s the rationale for choosing sustainable securities? Our range prioritises three primary themes expected to endure, irrespective of changing geopolitical or economic factors.



Efforts to stem climate change are gaining momentum as reducing emissions and developing cleaner energy is now vital

  • Cleaner Energy
  • Sanitation and Recycling
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Resource Efficiency


Healthcare is a basic human need that is being redefined by innovative services and treatments.

  • Access to Quality Care
  • Food Security and Clean Water
  • Medical Innovation
  • Well-being


Creating a better future for people marginalised by economic and social forces is a global imperative.

  • Education and Employment Services
  • Financial Security and Inclusion
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Sustainable Infrastructure

Important Note: The primary themes and related subthemes outlined above apply predominantly to corporate holdings within our Sustainable Thematic investment universe. Sovereign or securitized issuers may be grouped into different subthemes. The AB Sustainable Climate Solutions portfolio focuses solely on the theme of Climate.

Process in Action

Our approach is rooted in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But we don’t stop there. It’s our conviction and deep analysis that informs decision making, a thematic approach which drives choices, and in-depth engagement to deliver real, lasting change.


We derive a list of products and services that we believe will drive change, directly from the 17 goals of the UN SDGs. Then, our analysis aims to identify the best companies, issuers or sovereigns that are solving or working hard to achieve these positive outcomes.


Our investment managers conduct independent financial and ESG analysis to select securities. They draw on our extensive research teams, carry out their own grassroots investigations and use our industry-leading tools to find compelling investment opportunities for our portfolios.

Adopt a Gold Standard for Your Sustainable Investments

Investors can help create a more sustainable world by supporting private sector efforts to address the issues that will redefine life on earth.

Adopt a Gold Standard


As active investors, we believe the most effective tool is direct, constructive and informed engagement with management. These efforts are built on a solid foundation of measuring outcomes, behaviours and alignment of each company’s products and services to defined sustainability targets.

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