Reaching New Clients with Wealth-Management Checklists

25 September 2023
27 min listen


Checklists are a powerful management tool for financial advisors for several reasons. They: 

  • Are great for tracking the deliverables that have been promised to clients and for knowing which tasks are outstanding and which are completed. 
  • Serve as a powerful resource for educating clients about the complexity of their financial situation.
  • Are useful for ensuring that nothing is missing that could hurt a client or that the client should be taking advantage of. 
  • Can be used as a tool for educating prospective clients about their financial situation and why they may wish to consider leaving their current advisor.
  • Scott and Ken explore how a wealth-management checklist can be used in all these ways. They explain how the right checklist showcases the financial advisor as a superior provider, not as someone who misses an important detail of financial planning.

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