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Research Agenda for 2023
Supporting Ongoing Enhancement of the AB UK Target Date Funds
Every year AB’s DC team set out their research priorities for the coming 12 months. The research findings pave the way for enhancements to our DC TDF ranges across investments, product development and client reporting. What’s new for 2023?
Henry Smith | 27 June 2023
Do UK DC Pension Savers Need a Lifetime Income Default?
The “Freedom and Choice” reforms of 2015 empowered UK DC savers to access their pension benefits with more flexibility than ever before—and created huge personal responsibility for individual DC members to choose wisely from complex options. What’s the best way to guide them?
Henry Smith,David Hutchins | 28 July 2023
Lessons Learnt: Designing Whole of Life DC TDFs Based on Drawdown Fund Experience
UK DC default investment solutions need to change. We think members' default fund journey should in future extend from their accumulation phase through their decumulation phase. What design changes does that entail in practical terms?
Henry Smith | 28 July 2023

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