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Has the Market Reshuffled the Public-Private Mix for Insurers?

A reshaped market environment has altered the landscape of public and private market opportunities. However, we expect private-market allocations to continue growing as we move forward.

Insurance Viewpoints
Inflation Reduction Act Could Be a Game Changer for Clean Energy

What could the new Inflation Reduction Act mean for the clean-energy arena? The impact could be broad-based and transformative.

Insurance Viewpoints
The Tide Grows Stronger for Insurers and Climate Scenario Analysis

Scenario analysis will be a key tool in assessing exposure to climate change—both insurers and investment managers can play a role in advancing it.

Insurance Viewpoints
What Insurers Need to Know About the NAIC Proposal on Securitized Assets

Recent proposals could change the regulatory treatment of securitized assets—and have implications for insurers’ asset allocations.

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Investment Insights
Can European Credit Ride Out the Storm?

As Europe struggles, it’s no surprise that European credit is out of favor.

Investment Insights
Growing Pains: Responsible Investing Reaches Adolescence

While the turmoil that comes with rapid change can be unsettling, we welcome it as a sign that responsible investing is growing up.

Investment Insights
Exploring What Geopolitical Risk Means for Portfolios

Concern about the impact of geopolitical risk is likely to remain into 2023-in terms of both the directional impact on assets and how to manage this looming risk.

Investment Insights
Modern Slavery: From Awareness to Action

Investors have a central role to play in detecting and disrupting modern slavery. Maximizing impact requires integration, engagement, and global collaboration.

Investment Insights
Shifting Commercial Real Estate Dynamics Create Debt Opportunities

Even in a challenging macro environment, market dynamics are unveiling opportunities for alternative lenders. Good properties and loan structures are key.