Unitranche Credit Facility

Admin Agent, Sole Lender | September 2016

Sector: Specialty Finance

AB Private Credit InvestorsTM and its affiliates led a senior secured financing to support Keg Logistics, a Bregal Sagemount portfolio company, in its acquisition of Atlas Keg. AB-PCI was the sole lender on the transaction.

"We believe that Keg Logistics offers a unique value proposition to the craft beer industry, and the combination with Atlas further positions the Company for growth and solidifies its market position," said Jay Ramakrishnan, Managing Director of AB-PCI. "We are excited to partner with Sagemount and the management team of Keg Logistics in the acquisition of Atlas Keg."

Gene Yoon, Managing Partner of Bregal Sagemount, commented that, "AB-PCI was thoughtful and responsive on a short timeline. More importantly, they proved to be a partner in the true sense of the word, providing us the structure and flexibility necessary to meet the nuanced needs of the growing company."

Keg Logistics is a leading provider of keg and equipment financing to breweries and wineries globally. Keg Logistics provides its customers with a flexible pathway to owning their own kegs, and maximizing their growth and profitability. In addition to financing solutions, Keg Logistics also manages both domestic and international logistics, as well as 3PL support. For more information, please visit www.keglogistics.com.

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Brent Humphries

President and Founding Member

Jay Ramakrishnan

Managing Director, Head of Originations and Founding Member

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Managing Director

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