Unitranche Credit Facility

Joint Lead Arranger and Bookrunner, Admin Agent | January 2024

Sector: Services

AB Private Credit Investors (“AB-PCI”) served as Joint Lead Arranger/Bookrunner and Administrative Agent for a unitranche credit facility in support of Knox Lane’s acquisition of Guardian Fire Protection Services. AB-PCI worked with Knox Lane to craft a scalable and custom solution, leveraging significant expertise from both firms in the testing, inspection, compliance & certification vertical.

Guardian is a premier fire and life safety services business headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, with an over 40-year track record of providing complete fire protection services for commercial businesses, government buildings, and other organizations. The Company is a partner to more than 24,000 customers across the mid-Atlantic and Midwestern U.S., offering a comprehensive suite of products and services, localized service delivery, and efficient service.

Based in San Francisco, Knox Lane is a growth-oriented investment firm comprised of a team of accomplished investors and operators with a shared work history and a strong track record of partnering with leading companies to accelerate transformational growth. Knox Lane employs an investor-operator mindset and seeks to provide support across a number of business components, including human capital, brand management, end-to-end digital transformation, sourcing, supply chain and logistics, strategic acquisitions and business development.

Brent Humphries

President, AB Private Credit Investors

Ryan Simpson

Managing Director

Evan Cohen

Managing Director

Dave Foshager


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