Senior Secured Credit Facility

Admin Agent, Sole Lender | December 2017

Sector: Comms / IT Infrastructure & Services

AB Private Credit Investors (AB-PCI) acted as Administrative Agent and Sole Lead Arranger for the funding of a $60 million senior credit facility to support Oak Lane Partners recapitalization of D1M Holdings ("D1M").

D1M provides third-party maintenance, IT infrastructure optimization, and a full suite of managed services to Fortune 1000 companies for data center and other business environments. The company provides managed service IT solutions that include hardware maintenance, asset lifecycle management, warranty support, help desk, print management, cloud migration, storage optimization, and security management, among others, largely with its own captive W-2 workforce. D1M is headquartered in Wayne, PA and has a global presence with operations on five continents.

About Company: Oak Lane Partners is a private investment firm that has significant experience acquiring businesses and working with management teams to create meaningful value. Oak Lane Partners invests capital in numerous industries across North America.

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