Senior Secured Facilities

Admin Agent, Sole Lender | June 2019

Sector: Software / Technology

AB Private Credit Investors (AB-PCI) acted as Sole Lead Arranger and Administrative Agent for senior secured credit facilities that supported Great Hill Partners’ acquisition of EDB Postgres (“EDB”). AB-PCI leveraged its expertise and knowledge in enterprise technology to quickly and efficiently deliver a flexible financing solution.

Founded in 2004, EDB delivers an open source-based data management platform, optimized for greater scalability, security, and reliability. EDB makes organizations smarter while reducing risk and complexity with enterprise-proven management tools, security enhancements and Oracle compatibility. EDB has over 4,000 customers worldwide that deploy diverse workloads including transaction processing, data warehousing, customer analytics and web-based applications, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Great Hill Partners is a Boston-based private equity firm that has raised over $7 billion in commitments since inception to finance the acquisition, recapitalization, or expansion of growth companies in a wide range of sectors in business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries including software, financial and healthcare technology, digital media, eCommerce, and internet infrastructure.

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