Senior Secured Credit Facilities

Sole Arranger and Admin Agent | May 2017

Sector: Restaurants

AB Private Credit InvestorsTM ("AB-PCI") acted as sole arranger and serves as admin agent for $33,000,000 of senior secured credit facilities for Ampler Burgers LLC ("Ampler"), a franchisee of 42 Burger King restaurants in Texas and New Mexico.

Ampler is a growth-oriented franchisee with significant area development agreements, and the credit facilities provide committed funding to support new unit growth as well as upgrades of existing units.

Investment firm, Agman, created Ampler by acquiring the assets of a leading franchisee of Burger King restaurants. Kevin Fernandez will serve as President of Ampler and Steve Wiborg will serve as Executive Chairman.

About Ampler: Ampler is one of the largest franchisees of Burger King restaurants in Texas and New Mexico with 42 units and development rights to build new units across Texas, including the Central Texas, El Paso and Laredo regions.

About Agman: Agman is a family owned, multi-strategy investment firm based in Chicago. Agman participates as a control and passive investor across a range of industries and business types and is organized into three areas: Real Estate, Private Capital and Public Markets.

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