Unitranche Credit Facility

Lead Arranger, Admin Agent | June 2020

Sector: Healthcare IT

AB Private Credit Investors (AB-PCI) leveraged its healthcare and IT expertise to deliver a unitranche credit facility to support the acquisition of Citra Health Solutions by Global Healthcare Alliance (GHA). Despite the challenging market environment, AB-PCI provided financing certainty in partnership with GTCR.

GHA’s proprietary claims adjudication technology, Axia, automates the conversion of fee-for-service claims into a single, bundled claim and facilitates and manages payments between payers and providers.

Citra’s software platform, EZ-CAP, automates and manages complex capitated payment arrangements between healthcare providers and payers. The combination of the businesses creates a scaled platform providing workflow solutions to healthcare organizations across the value-based reimbursement continuum.

GTCR is a leading private equity firm focused on investing in growth companies in the Financial Services & Technology, Healthcare, Technology, Media & Telecommunications and Growth Business Services industries. The Chicago-based firm pioneered The Leaders Strategy™ – finding and partnering with management leaders in core domains to identify, acquire and build market-leading companies through transformational acquisitions and organic growth. Since its inception, GTCR has invested more than $15 billion in over 200 companies.

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