Senior Credit Facility

Lead Arranger, Admin Agent | February 2022

Sector: Healthcare

AB Private Credit Investors (AB-PCI) served as Lead Arranger and Administrative Agent for a senior credit facility supporting Ridgemont Equity Partners’ LBO of American Outcomes Management (AOM). AB-PCI worked with Ridgemont Equity Partners to craft a scalable solution, leveraging significant shared expertise related to pharmaceutical services.

American Outcomes Management is a nationwide healthcare provider that is committed to providing high quality patient care to patients in their home environment. AOM has been a full-line home infusion provider since 1994 and has developed recognized expertise in this field, including outpatient treatments using total parenteral nutrition (TPN), as well as intravenous immune globulin (IVIG), antibiotics, inotropic therapy and many other therapies.

Ridgemont Equity Partners is a Charlotte-based middle market buyout and growth equity investor. Since 1993, the principals of Ridgemont have invested over US$5.5 billion. The firm focuses on equity investments up to US$250 million and utilizes a proven, industry-focused investment approach and repeatable value creation strategies.

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