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Admin Agent, Sole Lender | November 2016

Sector: Data and Information Services

AB Private Credit Investors™ and its affiliates ("AB-PCI") provided debt and equity capital to support DataMentors, LLC ("DataMentors") in its acquisition of V12 Group (together with DataMentors, the "Company"). AB-PCI was the sole lender to the Company's senior secured debt facility.

DataMentors and V12 Group provide data and marketing technology solutions that enable marketers to target specific consumer audiences across multiple channels. The combined company, now known as V12 Data, unites the strengths of two respected names in the data industry to deliver integrated, omnichannel data products to marketers.

"We are excited to finance the combination of DataMentors and V12 Group and support management as they enter the next phase of growth", said Drew Miller, Director of AB-PCI. "The Company's unique data solutions provide a strong value proposition to a dynamic and growing market."

Anders Eckman, CEO of V12 Data, commented that, "AB-PCI stepped up and proved to be focused, responsive and creative in delivering a debt and equity package for us to complete this transformative deal. We look forward to their partnership for many years to come."

The transaction represents AB-PCI's ongoing effort to provide capital to clients of vertically-focused and regional investment banks. JEGI, a leading independent investment bank for the global media, information, marketing, software and tech-enabled services sectors, headquartered in New York, NY, represented V12 Group in this transaction.

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