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Admin Agent, Sole Lender | August 2017

Sector: Software

AB Private Credit Investors™ ("AB-PCI") recently closed a unitranche credit facility to support True Wind Capital's acquisition of ARI Networks Services Inc ("ARI"). AB-PCI quickly and efficiently delivered a fully underwritten financing solution by utilizing its software industry expertise and structuring flexibility.

AB-PCI was the sole lender on the transaction and invested alongside True Wind Capital in the equity as well.

ARI offers an award-winning suite of SaaS, software tools and marketing services to help more than 23,500 equipment dealers, 195 distributors and 3,360 brands Sell More Stuff!™ - online and in-store.

True Wind Capital is a San Francisco-based private equity firm managing $560 million. True Wind is focused on investing in leading technology companies. True Wind is a value-added partner, providing support and expertise that is rooted in 50+ years of collective investing experience.

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