What Is ReInvest?

This six-month long program is designed as an on-ramp for experienced professionals looking to re-enter the workforce after taking a career break to care for their families. During the program, participants will:

  • Spend six months working within one of our strategic business units (SBUs)
  • Take on meaningful project work based on their expertise and experience
  • Participate in onboarding that includes live asset-management training and a workshop to reacclimate to technology
  • Join development workshops designed to support career re-entry
  • Participate in personal branding sessions to prepare for formal and informal networking opportunities
  • Get exposure to senior leaders in casual settings such as Lunch & Learns
  • Have regular check-ins with a mentor

We’re looking for individuals who:

  • Have taken a break of roughly one year or more from the paid workforce and are interested in returning to full-time work
  • Had a minimum of three to five years of previous professional work experience before their career break
  • Live within commuting distance of the office. The program will follow our hybrid 3/2 work schedule, with in-person attendance expected at least three times per week

Who’s Eligible?


Advice from Past ReInvestors

What insights into ReInvest could be more on point than the perspectives of people who have been program members and reaped the benefits? Hear from those who have been in your shoes as they share their experiences and successes.


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