Our Purpose:
Pursue Insight That Unlocks Opportunity

We’re an active manager, always pursuing something others do not see. We seek distinctive knowledge, delivered with great conviction. That insight is a catalyst, expanding our thinking and unlocking pathways to opportunity.


Our Values:
How We Deliver on Our Purpose

They are how we make a meaningful impact on our colleagues, clients and communities.

Invest in One Another

At AB, there’s no one size fits all and no mold to break. We celebrate idiosyncrasy and make sure everyone’s voice matters. We seek and include talented people with diverse skills, abilities and backgrounds who expand our thinking. We encourage all employees to become more complete versions of themselves. A mosaic of perspectives makes us stronger, helping us nurture strong relationships and build actionable solutions.


Strive for Distinctive Knowledge

Intellectual curiosity is in our DNA—and is a way of life. We embrace challenging problems and ask the tough questions. We don’t settle for easy answers as we look to understand the world around us—and that’s what makes us better investors and partners to our colleagues and clients. We are independent thinkers—we go where the research and data take us. And knowing more isn’t the end of the journey: it’s the start of a deeper conversation.


Speak with Courage and Conviction

Collegial debate yields conviction, so we challenge our own thinking. Working tirelessly together enables us to see all sides of an issue. We stand firmly behind our ideas, and yet we recognize that the world is dynamic. So we constantly reassess our views and share them with intellectual honesty. Above all, we strive to seek and speak truth to our colleagues, clients and others as a trusted voice of reason.


Act with Integrity—Always

Although we are many businesses, disciplines and individuals, we’re united by a commitment to be strong stewards: for our people, clients and communities. Our fiduciary duty and ethical mind-set are fundamental to every decision we make. We’re eager to advance our clients and one another, and we take the broader view, beyond the financial, empowering people to invest in what really matters—and make a difference.


Insight is a catalyst, expanding our thinking and unlocking opportunity. And opportunity is more than financial returns—it drives us to think about the bigger picture for our clients and help them achieve their goals.

Seth Bernstein—President & CEO