Guy Bruten

Guy Bruten

Chief Economist—Asia-Pacific

17 Years at AB
31 Years of experience

Guy Bruten is a Senior Vice President and Chief Economist for AB’s Asia-Pacific Global Economic Research team. In that role, he provides macro research coverage for a number of countries in the region, and is also responsible for conducting thematic research—looking at the impact, for example, of demographic change, the commodity price supercycle and the global surge in populist politics on the outlook for economies and asset prices. Prior to joining AB in 2004, Bruten worked in economics and market strategy roles for Macquarie Bank’s Funds Management Group and for SBC Warburg. He started his career in the early 1990s at the Commonwealth Department of the Treasury in Canberra. Bruten holds a BEc from the University of Adelaide and an MEc from the Australian National University. Location: Melbourne

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