Fixed Income

Bringing together innovative research and forward perspective across our suite of global and regional fixed income solutions designed to address a wide range of investor objectives.

Our Approach

52 Years' Experience

For more than 52 years we have applied innovative research and award-winning portfolio management to help our clients navigate global bond markets. Consequently, we are one of the world's most recognised leaders in the asset class, with nearly $322.0BN* in fixed income assets under management.
*AB as of 31 December 2020

Integrated Research Platform

With the number of securities across the major bond indices in the thousands, we believe that a broad and deep research platform is crucial to identify and evaluate investment opportunities. Our integrated approach combines fundamental and quantitative analysis. Fundamental research gets us up close to bond issuers, while quantitative insights give us an objective and systematic way to evaluate them. Our disciplined investment process combines these insights to help us identify our highest conviction opportunities.


From an expansive global platform, we apply an integrated combination of quantitative and fundamental research - through a process that takes risk in a dynamic and managed way.

Integrating ESG Analysis into Fixed Income

Our analysts evaluate companies on many dimensions – and assign specific scores for ESG. Our proprietary research and collaboration platform, PRISM, is a fixed-income credit rating and scoring system through which analysts can share views on individual issuers. ESG scores in PRISM can be accessed in real time by any portfolio manager or analyst to aid their investment decision-making processes.

Columbia Earth Institute Collaboration

We are pleased to announce AB and Columbia University’s Earth Institute, home of the world-renowned Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, have collaborated to create a first-of-its-kind climate change and impact investment curriculum, “Climate Science and Portfolio Risk”.

Faster, Smarter and More Efficient: Bond Investing Goes Digital

Bond investing hasn't kept up with the rapid pace of technological innovation in the rest of the financial industry. With hundreds of thousands of issuers, trillions of dollars in bonds and a largely over-the-counter trading system, the fixed-income world has long needed such upgrades.

As bond managers prepared for the digital revolution that’s coming, we are combining technology with human savvy to help solve the market’s most vexing problems and ultimately deliver better outcomes for our clients.


Investment Range

Developed Markets

We provide a range of strategies focused on fixed income opportunities in the US, Europe and Asia.

Emerging Markets

Our active, benchmark-agnostic approach encompasses government and corporate emerging market debt—and bonds issued in both hard and local currencies.


We offer a range of global bond strategies which encompass core bond solutions, more unconstrained "go anywhere" approaches and strategies that specifically target higher levels of income.

High Income

We regard ourselves as pioneers in income-oriented investing—we have decades of experience in investing in higher-income bonds, including high-yield corporate bonds, emerging market debt and securitised assets. There is a trade-off for these bonds' higher income potential—greater volatility and higher default risks. We believe our disciplined research process helps us strike the right balance between risk and return.


Our global team of fixed-income experts includes nearly 119* dedicated investment professionals—a unique and dynamic mix of seasoned portfolio managers, analysts, and economists who collaborate in real time, through a 24/7 network.
*As of 31 December 2020

Portfolio Managers
Average Years Experience: Industry 23, AB 13
Research Analysts
Average Years Experience: Industry 18, AB 8
Average Years Experience: Industry 20, AB 10
Global Locations
Montreal | New York | London | Seoul | Tokyo | Hong Kong Singapore | Melbourne

As of 31 December 2020

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and investors may get back less than originally invested.