Climate Change is an Investment Risk that Also Creates Opportunities

At AB, we’re fully invested in accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy, and ensuring our clients thrive in the process

Climate Academy: Bridging Climate Science and Investing

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AB and Columbia Climate School are partnering to tackle the pressing issue of climate change. Through a first-of-its-kind climate change curriculum, the Corporate Affiliate Program of the Columbia Climate School and in-depth investment initiatives, we’re working to harness climate and investing science—improving outcomes for investors and the planet.

Hear more from our experts and the professors at Columbia University

Investing Lessons from Climate School, Class of 2023

More than 1,000 asset owners and investment consultants from around the world participated in the second Climate Academy course in 2023. Here’s a sampling of the questions they asked and the insights that were discussed.

Collaborating on Climate Research

The collaboration between AB investors and Columbia academics on a climate curriculum has spurred ideas for joint climate-change research projects. As part of an exclusive agreement, the two institutions have kicked off a research agenda focusing on the intersection of the academic facets of climate science with AB’s investment processes.

AB investors and Columbia scientists and experts will collaborate on climate issues in the investing process across portfolios, sectors, asset classes and regions. We’ll also embark on long-term, deep research projects exploring climate challenges, including the approach to net zero and the impact of stakeholders on achieving that target in the next 30 years.

By sharing the results of this research through thought leadership, workshops and other avenues, we’ll demonstrate how investors are applying new insights to inform their decisions and stewardship activities.

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Research Projects: From Renewables to Synthetic Biology

Our investment teams are engaging with Columbia Earth Institute on specific short-and long-term research projects that aim to address key issues and areas of interest on climate change, including:

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Synthetic Biology

Research into engineering natural processes and organisms that could help the world reduce and adapt to the impacts from a changing global climate.

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Climate Accounting

Studying the work of various regimes and standard-setting bodies to integrate climate metrics into financial and accounting statements—with a view toward identifying and supporting a globally consistent framework.

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The Future of Renewables

The Future of Renewables: Examining approaches to forecasting solar, wind and hydro resource availability under a changing climate as well as the potential impact on resources under different global temperature scenarios.

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Physical Risks to Real Assets

Overlaying Columbia’s data streams on natural disasters and hazards at the county and municipal levels to help investors quantify potential damages to physical assets we invest in—including real estate and infrastructure.

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The Impact of Climate Change on Marine Protein Production

Research into engineering natural processes and organisms that could help help the world reduce and adapt to the impacts from a changing global climate.

Responsible Investing: Commitment Drives Action

At AllianceBernstein (AB), we are dedicated to continuously advancing the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations in our investment processes, our client solutions — “Portfolios with Purpose” — and in the way we engage company management teams and stakeholders.