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Research and Support Services

Our in-house framework and partnerships with external subject matter experts have led to the development of educational research and training programs for analysts on such diverse ESG topics as: Principles of Corporate Governance, Modern Slavery and Exploitive Labour Practices, Climate Change, Executive Compensation and Incorporating ESG Issues into Portfolios.

Translating Climate Science into Investment Analysis


AB and The Columbia Climate School, home of the world-renowned Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, started our collaboration in September 2019 to create a ‘first-of-its-kind’ climate change and impact investment curriculum, “Climate Science and Portfolio Risk.”

Designed by AB investment professionals and top Lamont-Doherty research professors, it fills a major industry need for asset managers to dig deeper into the complex issues around climate change and its impact on economic and financial outcomes.

The program addresses the risks of global climate change, including rising sea levels, and predictive modelling for extreme weather, wildfires and other threats from a warming planet. The goal is to increase the understanding—both within and outside the asset-management industry—of the impacts of climate change. With an improved understanding of the science behind climate change, we believe we’ll be better able to translate its broad impacts into inputs and tools to sharpen our investment analysis.


Climate Change and Investment Training

AB developed a service to enable investment professionals to access the same series of educational training programs that our analysts and fund managers have benefitted from through our collaboration with the Climate School at Columbia University.

If you are interested in receiving this training, please submit your details and we will contact you with more information as soon as it is available.

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