Harnessing our strength in research and investment expertise across asset classes and markets worldwide, to build robust multi-asset portfolios from traditional and non-traditional return sources that meet clients' outcomes

Our Approach

Asset Allocation

Dynamic asset allocation is integral to successful multi-asset investing. We believe only rigorous quantitative research combined with fundamental expertise across all regions and markets can help identify superior return opportunities - and spot potential risks.

Proprietary Insights

We have an advanced set of proprietary multi-asset tools that help us identify sources of return and measure changing risks in a disciplined manner. We couple this quantitative understanding with fundamental views that are gathered from all regions and markets and use it to dynamically inform asset allocation to achieve the best risk-adjusted returns.

Robust Solutions

With over 50* years' experience in creating and implementing solutions across the full spectrum of asset classes, we have developed a broad set of capabilities to help us construct robust portfolios that integrate both traditional and non-traditional sources of durable return.

*As of 31 December 2023


It takes a thoughtful, but dynamic, approach to design innovative multi-asset solutions that expand on the traditional and exploit the new. We seek to deliver superior investment outcomes by taking a holistic view across markets, risk premiums and alpha sources.

Illustration showing AB's Multi-asset philosophy

Integrating ESG Analysis into Multi Asset Investing

Our multi-asset portfolio teams consider ESG factors in the construction of our portfolios. Where we leverage AB stock selection expertise, our analysts evaluate companies on many dimensions –and assign specific scores for ESG. Our proprietary research and collaboration platforms:

+ ESIGHT: consolidates ESG company assessments, company engagements and third-party research from MSCI and Sustainalytics into a ‘one stop shop’ that investment teams can access and contribute information about corporate ESG practices.

+ PRISM: a fixed-income credit rating and scoring system through which analysts can share views on individual issuers. ESG scores in PRISM can be accessed in real time by any portfolio manager or analyst.


Investment Range


Our range includes strategies that provide well-diversified access to asset classes across developed markets around the world.

Emerging Markets

Our depth of experience investing across the asset class spectrum helps us tap into the full diversity of the Emerging Market opportunity set.


Sharing research perspectives within and across asset classes and sectors provides a strategic advantage.

Portfolio Managers
22 Average Years of Experience
Buy-side Analysts
14 Average Years of Experience

As of 31 March 2024

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and investors may get back less than originally invested.