Reinvigorate Your Business in 10 Minutes

With our interactive practice-management tool, you can quickly identify and prioritize your top business needs. Leveraging insights from behavioral finance and the AllianceBernstein Advisor Institute’s practice-management experts, the Digital Coach can help you chart a course to tackle your biggest challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities. See how it works.


A Holistic Approach to Adapting Your Practice 

In a recent study of financial advisors, more than 90% said that they consider practice-management programs to be important.* It’s not easy to stay on the leading edge in today’s financial advisory market. The competition is intensifying, and low-cost digital advice threatens to disintermediate traditional financial advisors. In order to not only survive but thrive, financial advisors must reassess and reinvigorate their business strategies. Adapt your practice using AllianceBernstein’s proprietary solutions.

Step 1

Take the assessment

You complete a 10-minute assessment to identify your top business needs.

Step 2

Set your priorities

Our diagnostic tool analyzes your responses and provides a set of recommendations

Step 3

Target your biggest opportunities

Learn how to address your top priorities with customized online video courses from AB practice management expert, Ken Haman.

*Based on a 1Q:2021 survey of financial advisors by and FUSE Research Network 


This material was created for informational purposes only. It is important to note that not all Financial Advisors are consultants or investment managers; consulting and investment management are advisory activities, not brokerage activities, and are governed by different securities laws and also by different firm procedures and guidelines. For some clients, only brokerage functions can be performed for a client, unless the client utilizes one or more advisory products. Further, Financial Advisors must follow their firm’s internal policies and procedures with respect to certain activities (e.g., advisory, financial planning) or when dealing with certain types of clients (e.g., trusts, foundations). In addition, it is important to remember that any outside business activity including referral networks be conducted in accordance with your firm’s policies and procedures. Contact your branch manager and/or compliance department with any questions regarding your business practices, creating a value proposition or any other activities (including referral networks).

It is important to remember that (i) all planning services must be completed in accordance with your firm’s internal policies and procedures; (ii) you may only use approved tools, software and forms in the performance of planning services; and (iii) only Financial Advisors who are properly licensed may engage in financial planning.

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