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Custom Municipal SMA Solutions

Fueled by technology, AllianceBernstein creates customized municipal bond separately managed accounts to meet our clients' unique needs.


From personalizing portfolios to meet client preferences to automating tax-loss harvesting, AB seeks to build better outcomes through customization of high-quality targeted duration and ladder portfolios.


A New Age of Muni Investing


Customized Accounts Propelled by Technology

  1. Tech Generated Alpha

    Our technology-led strategy can generate non-traditional alpha sources.

  2. Customization That Counts

    Choose from different tax, portfolio, and ESG options to tailor each SMA.

  3. Personalization Simplified

    Easily construct personalized portfolios with a user-friendly digital interface. 


Active Investing with Technology

AbbieOptimizer is a portfolio-building engine that links real-time trading data and market liquidity metrics with clients’ individual needs, highlighting mis-priced opportunities and identifying tax optimization benefits. Watch the video to learn how we do it.

What it Means For You

Let us help you help your clients via an intuitive digital interface that makes it easier to build a personalized portfolio based on your client’s needs.


Easily Customize High-Quality Portfolios

Choose an AB Muni SMA strategy to start and then use our SMA Design Center to choose portfolio preferences catered to each client’s unique needs.

How It's Different

Invest in munis the AB way. 


Understanding the AB Custom Muni Difference

AB Custom Municipals High Quality compared to AB Custom Municipal Ladder and Traditional Municipal Ladder based on Customization, trading alpha, speed alpha, tax alpha, active security selection, and active duration management.
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