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Modern Slavery Risk-How to Research it. How to Reduce it.

10 March 2022

The webinar walked through the steps that we as investors can take, through comprehensive research and engagement with companies, to not only identify, assess and report on modern slavery risks (and opportunities) but also strive to reduce them. This is the right thing to do, and it can drive better outcomes for investments and the world.

Taking the Measure of Net Zero | AB IQ Webinar with Columbia University

24 Feruary 2022

Faculty from the Columbia Climate School joined AB’s David Wheeler, Senior Research Analyst—Sustainable Thematic Equities, and Sara Rosner, Director of Environmental Research and Engagement, to discuss prominent topics for asset owners and investment managers as the world works to tackle Net Zero challenges.

Inflation Regime Change

18 June 2021

Webinar by CFA Society Australia featuring Guy Bruten, AllianceBernstein’s Chief Asia-Pacific Economist. 

Lonsec Symposium

29 April 2021

At the recent Lonsec Symposium, AB's Senior Economist—Fixed Income, Eric Winograd discussed inflation. Are we about to see it return with a vengeance?

Reporting Season Wrap Up

30 March 2021

AB Reporting Season Wrap yesterday with Veronica Klaus from Lonsec and the CIO for the AB Managed Volatility Equities fund, Roy

Why Did Risky Assets Outperform? 

2 March 2021

AB Chief Investment Officer—Australian Equities, Roy Maslen puts MVE under the microscope.