Together At Home

Adapting to the Human Effects of Working From Home During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis took a tragic human toll and upended markets and economies, and it also had emotional and psychological effects caused by social-distancing mandates. In Together at Home, AB professionals share their perspectives on adapting to a world in which we’re apart from our colleagues.

Fostering Virtual Creativity and Innovation in the Remote World

How can you avoid losing your creative spark while social distancing turns your world into a full-time work-from-home experience? And how can you motivate your colleagues to exercise some original thinking and idea generation? Stuart Rae, Chief Investment Officer of Asia-Pacific Value Equities, examines these questions.

Balancing Work and Life When Your Home Is Your Office

Struggling to navigate work and home life during the COVID-19 crisis? That means you’re normal. There are many moving parts to juggle when everything is happening at the same time and in the same place. Work, health and welfare, even school and family, come together to create a complex mix at home. Meg Harris, Head of Talent, provides some advice on how to approach this multi-layered world.

Inclusion Matters - Even When We're Apart

With the world turned upside down, the workplace has changed from in-person connection to remote access. When we’re physically apart and in a rush to keep business moving, diversity and inclusion may be unintentionally deprioritized. Janessa Cox-Irvin, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, explains how diversity and inclusion efforts can adapt to a world in which everyone is working from home.

Staying Resilient When Facing Unprecedented Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us to endure market turmoil, economic distress, concern for loved ones’ health and safety, and the psychological isolation of social distancing. Sharon E. Fay, Co-Head of Equities and Chief Responsibility Officer, shares her experiences from past crises and presents four principles that have helped her stay resilient and strong in difficult times.