Bespoke Target Date Funds

Our range of bespoke target date funds – Customised Retirement StrategiesSM(CRS) – offers schemes greater flexibility. This is a range of funds, like the packaged target date fund range, that progressively de-risk as a member approaches their expected retirement date. However, unlike the packaged range, the bespoke range provides schemes the freedom to align with a specific plan demographic or set of investment beliefs while also ensuring it meets the needs of your members.

Specifically Tailored To Your Members’ Needs

Customised Retirement StrategiesSM is for clients who need a target date structure strategy which incorporates bespoke glidepaths to reflect the circumstances of a schemes’ specific membership.

These bespoke glidepaths are designed using our propriety modelling capability and are based on analysis of individual member profiles aggregated to form a collective data set.

Our custom mandates also enable you to include specific preferences in terms of risk premia beliefs, best in class active managers, asset class restrictions, dynamic ranges, specific ESG beliefs and cost budgets.

AB's Bespoke TDF Range

Simple To Use

Outsourcing technical investment decisions to our 30-strong multi-asset team of experts releases valuable time that can be better spent on other vital areas. Our hands-on real-time approach provides reassurance that investment decisions will be made in a timely way and with effective governance.

The AB TDF Bespoke range is:

  • A range of TDFs uniquely tailored to your members specific needs

  • Proactively managed to be dynamically market-aware, to grasp new opportunities in the market and allocating to assets that help to guard against volatility and drawdown risk

  • Managed using an open architecture approach enabling the selection of the funds and managers you desire from across the whole market

  • Available for white-labelling with AB managing the process

  • Kept fully up-to-date with changes in regulation

  • A solution which eliminates the risk of members remaining invested in obsolete funds, thereby reducing administrator error and making it easy to monitor whether members are invested appropriately

AB as at 31 December 2020 unless otherwise stated.

Past performance is no guide to future performance. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than originally invested.

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