Solving for Better Retirement Outcomes... Collectively


At AB, we’ve been partnering with DC plan sponsors for many years, leveraging visionary research, diverse expertise and a willingness to pursue innovation as we design retirement solutions. From individual asset-class strategies to diversified target-date portfolios with guaranteed income, our focus is on delivering the right solution for your plan.


How We Work with You

AB’s DC team brings a committed partnership mind-set with extensive experience and expertise—and the vision to design innovative solutions that can help your plan achieve better outcomes for your participants.

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Global Market Expertise

We help our clients navigate an evolving landscape of regulatory challenges and market opportunities—with investment solutions across all asset classes.

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Visionary Research

With a commitment to research and innovation, we transform insight into market solutions designed for better outcomes.

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Collaborative Partnerships

More than 70 DC experts globally collaborate across our firm and the industry—even with peers—to address clients’ unique needs and deliver tailored solutions.


Featured Solutions

Lifetime Income Solutions

AB's Lifetime Income Strategy is one of the few in-plan, customized guaranteed income solutions backed by multiple insurers. It offers participants control of their retirement savings, full access to their money and the flexibility to meet individual needs.

Custom Target-Date Solutions

AB's Customized Retirement Strategies is a custom target-date solution that offers asset-class choice, active and passive strategies, multiple managers, and a tailored glide path that matches a plan’s specific needs.


Retirement Insights


About Our Team

What truly sets our experienced team of DC experts apart? Their care and commitment in helping plan sponsors deliver better outcomes for their plans and participants.


Packaged Solutions

AB’s lineup of packaged solutions is ready to help solve for a variety of needs.


Research-Driven Innovation and Insights

Our culture thrives on research, and we transform the insights we develop into retirement solutions. We continually evolve design, adapting to the needs and circumstances of plan sponsors and their participants.


At AB, we’re committed to providing innovative investment solutions that help DC plan participants live their retirement vision.

Jennifer DeLong—Head of Defined Contribution