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Innovative design, seamless implementation and expert servicing are hallmarks of AB’s packaged retirement solutions—from multi-manager solutions to cost-efficient vehicles.



Joining Forces to Transform Target-Date Design

Two DC leaders have teamed up to bring you a next-generation retirement solution—the AB Multi-Manager Retirement Trusts. AB, one of the largest US custom target-date providers, has more than 15 years of experience in target-date design and innovation. Morningstar Investment Management has been delivering asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio construction for more than three decades.

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Advanced Glide Path Design

Seeks to maximize returns while managing risks, using a well-diversified portfolio with dynamic risk management

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Independent Manager Selection

Aims to select unbiased investment strategies through an open-architecture approach

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Active/Passive Blend Product

Strives to enhance risk-adjusted returns and manage costs with a thoughtful mix of active and passive strategies


  • One of the largest US custom target-date solution providers*
    • US$89 billion in custom target date assets globally
    • 22 US clients with approx. 1.6 million participants and aggregate plan assets greater than $200B
  • More than 15 years of experience in target-date design and innovation


  • Parent company Morningstar, Inc. is a global leader providing
    • Award-winning research
    • Fund-rating services
  • Morningstar’s Investment Management group has more than US$263.59 billion in assets under management and advisement globally#
  • More than three decades of experience in asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio construction||

*Pensions & Investments, as of October 28, 2019.
Clients and target-date assets are as of March 31, 2024. DC Plan Asset and Participant Data measurement dates vary based on the information available in BrightScope, Money Market Directory and EFAST2. Plan Assets represent DC or hybrid plans with a DC component.
Investment research and fund ratings are produced and issued by Morningstar, Inc. or subsidiaries of Morningstar, Inc. including, but not limited to, Morningstar Research Services LLC, registered with and governed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
#As of September 30, 2023. Assets under management and advisement includes assets of the entities within Morningstar’s Investment Management group, including Morningstar Investment Management LLC, Morningstar Investment Services LLC, Morningstar Investment Management Europe Ltd., Morningstar Investment Management Australia Ltd., Ibbotson Associates Japan KK, Morningstar Investment Management South Africa (PTY) Ltd. and Morningstar Investment Adviser India Private Ltd. Each of these entities is authorized in the appropriate jurisdiction to provide advisory services.
| | Morningstar, Inc. was founded in 1984. Morningstar Investment Management, a subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc., was formed and registered as an investment adviser in 1999.

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Why Consider CITs?

Collective investment trusts (CITs) are a versatile, cost-effective and competitive alternative to mutual funds for defined contribution plans. In addition to offering participants reasonable, cost-efficient investment options, they can also help plan sponsors fulfill their fiduciary duty.


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