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Life. Career. Ambition. Each person is unique, so why should retirement be any different? Everyone needs to plan for the specific future they want, but the options for securing the income needed to support a long, happy retirement may be out of reach for some—or introduce unintended consequences that could stand in the way of better outcomes.


Lifetime Income Strategy

An Integrated Retirement Income Solution

Learn how AB’s Lifetime Income Strategy can bolster financial security in retirement for your plan’s participants.


The Formula for a Secure Future


Lifetime Income Strategy Highlights


Lifetime Income Strategy Assets


Secured Income Benefits


Participants Served


Live with Eight Plans Across Five Client Relationships


Backed by up to Five Insurers


Offered on Three Recordkeeping Platforms

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AB Secure Income Portfolio

The AB Secure Income Portfolio provides guaranteed income for life—and participants keep control of their money. It’s designed to offer flexible implementation, as it can adapt to plans’ diverse needs and preferences – whether alongside the plan’s existing target-date fund, as an allocation in a managed account or in a “do-it-yourself” approach, with participants using the plan’s core menu.

Retirement Income Research

Leveling the Retirement Income Playing Field

A comprehensive framework for evaluating diverse lifetime income solutions.

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Case Study

On the Road to Retirement Income

Every DC plan sponsor is dedicated to creating a better participant experience. SURS of Illinois sought AB’s partnership in enhancing its plan to serve a diverse employee base. The plan upgrades included streamlined administration, a new optional deferred compensation plan and guaranteed income.


The Communication Clarity Participants Need

Concise, straightforward communication materials keep participants informed and confident as they save for retirement.


What’s Stopping You?

AB’s Lifetime Income Strategy delivers the benefits of target-date funds—with the opportunity to access guaranteed income for life.


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Packaged Solutions

AB’s lineup of packaged solutions is ready to help solve for a variety of needs.


Custom Target-Date Solutions

We tailor innovative target-date solutions designed to satisfy your plan’s specific objectives.


How Can We Partner with You?

Every plan has unique needs. Let’s have a conversation about how AB can help you deliver better outcomes for participants.