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2Q:24 Capital Markets Outlook: Standing at the Intersection of Hope and Fear


Presented by Rick A. Brink, CFA,, Eric Winograd, Scott DiMaggio, CFA, Walt Czaicki, CFA, Matt Norton

Despite a sometimes bumpy road, we continue to believe that the economy is headed towards normalization. However, capital markets started off 2024 driven by both hope and an element of fear. Join AllianceBernstein Senior Investment Strategist, Walt Czaicki, as he discusses the drivers of market returns in the first quarter and how investors can leverage current market opportunities to bring more hope and less fear as they navigate markets in 2024.


What We Discussed

  1. The “Sometimes Bumpy” Road to Normalization: We discussed ongoing issues of growth and inflation, and the current state of “Operation Soft Landing."

  2. Concentration vs. Broadening Out: Revisited the “magnificent others”, where key factors stand today, and looked for green shoots across the equity spectrum.

  3. Warning Sign or Improved Entry Point? Discussed opportunities across yield curves and the credit world, and assessed absolute and relative strength across fixed income markets.


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Get Caught Up on Last Quarter’s Outlook

January  9,  2024 / 66 min

Presented by Richard A. Brink, CFA,  Eric WinogradWalt Czaicki, CFA; Scott DiMaggio, CFA, and Daryl Clements

1Q:24 Capital Markets Outlook: Pinpointing a Path Forward

As normalization returns to markets in 2024, we expect inflation to return to the Fed’s target and for economic growth to moderate. Investors can still benefit from capital markets, but brace yourself for a rebalancing of asset prices.