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1Q:24 Capital Markets Outlook: Pinpointing a Path Forward

January 9, 2024

Presented by Richard A. Brink, CFA

As normalization returns to markets in 2024, we expect inflation to return to the Fed’s target and for economic growth to moderate. Investors can still benefit from capital markets, but brace yourself for a rebalancing of asset prices.


Key Insights from the CMO

  1. Markets were ultimately strong in 2023, punctuated by a historic two-month performance to end the year [0:20]

  2. There are "magnificent others" to consider in 2024 and 2025 [2:55]

  3. As we move beyond the sledgehammer phase of markets to the scalpel, thoughtful portfolio construction will be key [4:40]


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Get Caught Up on Last Quarter’s Outlook

October 10,  2023 / 64 min

Presented by Eric WinogradWalt Czaicki, CFA; Matt Sheridan, CFA;  Daryl Clements

4Q:23 Capital Markets Outlook – Finding the Path of Least Resistance

The third quarter faced challenges like high valuations, inflation, and rate concerns. Q4's macro picture remains similar, with focus on inflation, Fed policy, growth, and jobs. AB's CMO experts will discuss these issues in their webcast, including the S&P's stumble and planning ahead for bond yields.