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Alternatives at AB


AB's Alternatives Platform and Global Scale Can Make a Difference for You.

At AB, Alternative investing is built on a foundation of global scale, financial stability, and the quiet strength of one of the world's largest asset managers. Our growing investment platform of public and private alternatives offer distinct strategies designed to achieve specific outcomes.

Flexibility Delivered.

This flexible, actively managed strategy is designed to adapt to changing markets in pursuit of better risk-adjusted returns. It taps into a broad spectrum of credit not tied to a single market or sector, adding value through a variety of structuring capabilities and collateral-management techniques. 

Potential Delivered.

Opportunistic credit invests in private and public markets, with exposure to thematic private sectors. It can be an all-weather diversifier to other private lending with low correlation to public markets. The strategy seeks to outperform high-yield bonds with less volatility and better downside mitigation.

Credentials Delivered.

AB CarVal has vast experience in opportunistic and distressed credit, having invested roughly $147 billion in 5,730 transactions in 82 countries for over 250 institutional investors. It’s a distinctive capability at AB, a firm that offers versatility, global scale and a commitment to better outcomes.


For investors seeking alternative credit income with low correlation to public markets and the potential for consistent risk-adjusted returns.


Specialized Alternative Credit Investing

AB CarVal specializes in opportunistic credit portfolios. Its approach reflects decades of investing experience in global credit markets. Allocating to a balanced mix of public and private credit with theme-based sector allocations—such as aviation leasing, energy transition and asset-based finance—the team seeks to maximize total return, consisting of income and capital appreciation.



Opportunities for Alternative Income Within Private Credit

Banks are retreating from many forms of lending, creating a tidal wave of opportunities for private credit investors. Learn why partnering with an experienced manager is essential for capturing this unique opportunity.



Credit Opportunities for Accredited Investors

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