We are committed to enhanced transparency as part of building a more diverse and inclusive firm. This data snapshot of the current state of diversity at AllianceBernstein (US only) is a step toward building that transparency.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy

At AB, we want every person to have the opportunity to succeed based on merit, regardless of race, color, religion, creed, ancestry, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, citizenship status, sexual orientation, gender identity expression, military or veteran status, or any other criterion. Why is this so important? To us, diverse and inclusive teams enriched with people of distinctive backgrounds make us better. They help us generate better ideas, reach more balanced decisions, engage our communities and help our clients achieve better outcomes.

Diversity Recruitment

Implement new recruitment processes that give diverse candidates greater access.


Accountability at All Levels

Develop leaders who demonstrate and promote inclusive behaviors.


Diverse Talent Development

Foster an inclusive environment where diverse talent thrives.


Developing Diverse Talent to Lead Us Forward

We believe in bringing out the best in all our people, so we offer leadership development programs tailored to the needs of individual groups.

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Career Catalyst Program

The Career Catalyst Program is a six-month coaching program designed to give participants the tools to manage their career development. The program pairs senior vice presidents with vice presidents for focused career coaching.

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ReInvest Program

This 11-week return-to-work program is designed to support experienced professionals looking for career re-entry after an employment gap.

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Women’s Leadership Council

The council is designed to cultivate an inclusive, diverse environment in which women can build and broaden their leadership roles. Past topics have focused on executive presence, gravitas, the power of your voice and communicating your commercial impact.


Accountability at All Levels

At AB we are unwavering in our commitment to fostering a welcoming environment that will attract all types of talented people. Toward that end, we've taken concrete steps to ensure that our employees model and are accountable for meeting AB's diversity, equity and inclusion goals.

  • Established global diversity councils across the US, EMEA, and APAC that are responsible for promoting diversity, equity and inclusion efforts across the firm
  • Implemented mandatory diversity, equity and inclusion training for all employees
  • Hired a dedicated partner to focus on the firmwide diversity recruitment strategy through external partnerships
  • Launched an inclusive leadership training program for all managers, helping them examine how their actions—regardless of intent—can have a negative impact
  • Developed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshops for all employees; Day of Understanding, We Can't Talk About that at Work, Beyond Talk: Anti-Racism Training, and Demystifying DE&I
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AB Employees Learning to Make a Difference on Disability Inclusion

AB launched a Neurodiversity Resource Hub that offers resources for employees to help all individuals and teams grow and thrive.  We have also formed a new Employee Resource Group, AB ADAPT (Able & Disabled Advocates Partnering Together), to support employees and clients with disabilities including their families and teams.


Affecting Change

AB’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives reflect our connected culture, with employees continually asking themselves how they can make a positive impact. The diversity of our Board of Directors and Operating Committee provides tone from the top, helping us innovate and break through barriers to inclusivity.

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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

ERGs are at the heart of AB’s diversity, equity and inclusion effort. They’re cross-divisional and employee-led, making them uniquely effective at accelerating the advancement of colleagues from traditionally underrepresented groups and empowering the allies who support them. By informing and educating—and reaching out to our clients and communities—ERGs help the firm develop its business as well as recruit, retain and develop AB employees all over the world.

AB Asians

AB Asians is committed to developing and modeling the leadership of its membership, showcasing it throughout the firm by promoting an inclusive community of our diverse cultures.

AB Out

AB OUT promotes and supports the firm’s efforts to hire and retain members of the LGBTQ+ community, with the aim of creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where LGBTQ+ employees can develop and reach their fullest potential. 

AB Veterans

AB Veterans works to raise awareness of the issues relevant to veterans by providing a community for its members, as well as leadership that supports our diversity & inclusion efforts.

AB Adelante

AB Adelante supports AB's diversity and inclusion efforts by providing a platform for talent development and collaboration for Hispanic and Latin American employees.


The Black Employee Resource Group (BERG) is dedicated to positively impacting the firm by promoting the advancement of Black professionals, including but not limited to recruitment, mentorship, sponsorship and professional development.

AB Family

AB Family fosters relationships that sustain us as together we carry out the mission of the firm. We strive to support AB employees on topics such as family planning, adoption, parenting, special-needs issues, eldercare, partner relationships, and pet care.

AB Synergy

Synergy is dedicated to cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment for women where they can expand their leadership roles. Through women-led initiatives, Synergy works to promote a culture of mentorship that motivates and empowers women to advance in their careers.


AB ADAPT aims to expand access, education, acceptance, and inclusion for physically, mentally, and neurologically diverse people to ensure that those with disabilities are equipped with the accommodations and support necessary to express their full potential.

Fully Invested.

We support our employees, clients and communities. 

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We Encourage Conversations

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