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Leading-Edge Equity Trading

More systematic, bias-free trading frees human talent to focus on high-value-add trades

STAR: Systematic, Automated Liquidity Access

  • Systematically routes a subset of orders to customized algorithmic trading strategies

  • Innovative process helps eliminate human bias

  • STAR order sizes have increased steadily since its debut in 2009

  • 58% of AB’s trades are routed systematically—more than peer firms

  • 56% of trade flows go from PM input to market in as little as 14 seconds 

  • 17% reduction in overall trade costs since 2015

Best Buy Side Desk

2019 Markets Media Markets Choice
Awards (Equity and Fixed Income)

Seasoned Teams, Distinctive Research.

Experienced Investment Teams

44 portfolio managers with
27 years of experience

Differentiated Research Insights

85 quantitative and fundamental analysts with
18 years of experience

As of March 31, 2021


Committed to active, high-conviction equity investing for over a half-century 

Deliver Superior Long-Term Returns
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  • Global Real Estate


Portfolios with Purpose


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