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Q4 2022: An Investing Landscape Reshaped

Geopolitical hotspots. A major sell-off across capital markets. Soaring inflation. A hawkish central-bank policy pivot. The challenges for investors in 2022 have been unprecedented, and the year has dramatically altered the investing landscape, compelling investors to adapt. 

In this final edition of AB IQ for 2022, we examine what a vastly different macro and market environment means for investing. We take a closer look at geopolitical risk—including its transmission to portfolios and investors’ choices for drawdown protection. And we offer perspective on how a difficult year could be an opportunity to collectively write the playbook for ESG investing. 

We hope you enjoy the diverse topics in this edition of AB IQ and find them insightful as we prepare to wrap up 2022 and gear up for what will be a demanding start to 2023.