Portfolios with Purpose

ESG integration and engagement are fundamental to our responsible investment and research processes—we integrate material ESG factors into most of our actively managed strategies. Many investors want solutions that can enable them to invest for financial objectives—and to do so with purpose. Because responsible investing isn’t “one size fits all,” we developed a diverse range of portfolios that are designed to achieve financial objectives with a dedicated ESG focus.

Pursuing Financial Objectives While Also…

Overview of AB’s Portfolios with Purpose Platform

Responsible+ solutions have a responsibility objective as well as a traditional risk/return objective

Low Carbon Platform

Our NEW Global Low Carbon strategy offers investors a way to reduce the emissions associated with their equity portfolios without compromising long-term return potential. Carbon-neutral versions of other flagship AB equity offerings include Global Strategic Core, Asia ex-Japan and Australian Managed Volatility Equities.

Global ESG Improvers

An equity solution that focuses on engaging with companies to drive improvement on ESG dimensions and create positive change in the world.

Sustainable solutions seek issuers that meet present needs without compromising future well-being.

Sustainable Thematic

Includes equity, fixed-income and multi-asset portfolios that invest in companies whose products and services contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These portfolios focus on three themes: climate, health and empowerment.

Impact solutions seek to make a measurable social or environmental impact.

Municipal Impact

A fixed-income strategy that invests in historically marginalized and low-socioeconomic-status communities throughout the US. Each investment has a specific intention of reducing a societal disparity (e.g., education, health, clean water) between groups.


Corporate Responsibility

AB is committed to being a responsible firm—in how we act and how we invest on behalf of our clients. We’re working to ensure that the path of responsibility leads upward.