With a deep commitment to alternatives, we've assembled a platform of multidimensional solutions with independent agility, supported by our robust global infrastructure.


Alternatives are a growing area of need for institutional investors and an important focus area for AB. We've been committed to building a diverse platform for many years, growing our capabilities in-house and attracting industry talent. 

When making strategic acquisitions, we’ve focused on areas that complement our traditional platform. The goal is to bring on experienced teams with institutional-caliber pedigrees, significant assets under management and/or established track records. 

Private Credit
  • Complementary to $237 billion liquid fixed-income platform 
  • Acquired CarVal Investors, a leading global private alternatives investment manager, in July 2022
  • Key to attracting best-in-class talent
  • Unlocks illiquidity premium
Fundamental Long/Short Equity
  • Complementary to $207 billion public equity platform
  • Key to attracting best-in-class talent
  • Targets absolute return using market neutral and low net exposure
  • Low correlations to traditional asset classes
  • Complementary to $168 billion multi-asset platform
  • Key to attracting best-in-class talent 
  • Aligned with over 20 years of quantitative investing
  • Aligned with culture of risk management 
  • Variety of funded and unfunded implementations
  • Leverages existing research platform to exploit market dislocations 
  • Total return strategies 
  • Debt and equity strategies 

As of December 31, 2022

Alternatives Assets Under Management

*Alternatives AUM includes uncalled committed capital or fund level target leverage, if applicable. The figure is preliminary

As of December 31, 2022

How AB's Alternative Platform Has Grown

Delivering for Clients Through a Range of Strategies

There can be no assurance that any alternative investment objective will be achieved.


Private Credit
Fundamental Long/Short Equity
  • US Long/Short Equity
  • Multi-PM Global Long/Short Equity
  • TMT Long/Short Equity 
  • Global Equity Market Neutral
  • Europe Equity Market Neutral
  • Climate Long/Short Equity
  • Liquid Multi-Strategy
  • Merger Arbitrage
  • Event Driven
  • Systematic Macro
  • Risk Overlay
  • Securitized Assets
  • Financial Services Opportunities
  • Energy Opportunities