With a deep commitment to alternatives, we've assembled a platform of multidimensional solutions with independent agility, supported by our robust global infrastructure.


Alternatives are a growing area of need for institutional investors and an important focus area for AB. We've been committed to building a diverse platform for many years, growing our capabilities in-house and attracting industry talent. 

When making strategic acquisitions, we’ve focused on areas that complement our traditional platform. The goal is to bring on experienced teams with institutional-caliber pedigrees, significant assets under management and/or established track records. 

Private Credit
  • Complements AB's US$294 billion liquid fixed-income platform

  • Enhances yields of traditional investments in low-rate environments 
Fundamental Long/Short Equity
  • Complements AB's US$219 billion public equity platform 

  • Targets absolute return using market neutral and low-net exposures

  • Low correlations to traditional asset classes
  • Complements AB's US$168 billion multi-asset platform

  • Over 20 years of experience in quantitative investing

  • A culture of risk management

  • A variety of funded and unfunded implementations
  • Leverages existing research platform to exploit market dislocations

  • Debt, equity and total return strategies 

As of March 31, 2021

Alternatives Assets Under Management
Total AUM: US$28 Billion*
Alternatives Assets Under Management Total AUM: US$28 Billion*

*Alternatives AUM includes uncalled committed capital or fund-level target leverage, if applicable. The figure is preliminary. 
As of March 31, 2021.

How AB's Alternative Platform Has Grown


Private Credit
Fundamental Long/Short Equity
  • US Long/Short Equity

  • Multi-PM Global Long/Short Equity

  • TMT Long/Short Equity

  • Global Equity Market Neutral
  • Liquid Multi-Strategy

  • Merger Arbitrage

  • Event Driven

  • Systematic Macro

  • Risk Overlay
  • Securitized Assets

  • Financial Services Opportunities

  • Energy Opportunities