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Fixed Income Innovation

Faster, Smarter, More Efficient: Bond Investing Goes Digital

Bond investing is going digital. Find out how fixed-income managers who are integrating technology into their processes will be able to move from great ideas to executed trades faster and with better results than those who stick with the analog status quo.

Seasoned Teams, Distinctive Research

Experienced Investment Teams

portfolio managers with
20 years of experience

Differentiated Research Insights

quantitative and fundamental analysts with
18 years of experience

As of March 31, 2021


A global platform of solutions for institutional investors that spans the fixed-income universe

Broad Global Opportunity Set
  • Global Plus

  • Global Fixed Income

  • Global Flexible


High Quality Sources of Yield
  • Global Credit

  • US Investment-Grade Credit

  • Buy and Maintain Credit


Yield Seeking
  • US High Yield

  • Low-Volatility High Yield

  • Global High Yield

  • Emerging-Market Debt 


  • Emerging-Market Corporates

  • Securitized Assets
Portfolios with Purpose
  • Sustainable Global Thematic Credit