Doing More for the Environment by Using Less

As we progress on our own corporate ESG journey, we’re rethinking business operations to use fewer of Earth’s precious resources. Among the actions we’ve taken to further our goal of being environmental stewards, we’ve:

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Lowered our green house gas (GHG) emissions
Continued to relocate our people to more environmentally friendly office spaces
Sharply reduced paper consumption globally
Engaged AB employees on sustainability issues
Adopted a firmwide Climate Change / TCFD Statement
Founding Member: Corporate Affiliate Program at the Columbia Climate School
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Our Climate Change Statement

As investors, we strive to integrate climate change risks and opportunities in our investment analysis, decision-making and solutions. We continue to train our professionals and develop proprietary tools, including our engagement and collaboration platform, ESIGHT. We’re also conducting a campaign to engage firms on climate risks, specifically advocating that companies lacking emissions-reduction targets put them in place.


Greening AB’s Buildings and Offices

At AB, we’re working to place 65% of our employees in greener workspaces and more environmentally friendly buildings by 2025, as defined by ratings from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or other local standards. We’re happy to share that our new office location in Shanghai recently achieved a gold-level LEED rating. The transition to our new global headquarters building in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, USA, is well under way, with the building’s completion expected in 2021. We’re also executing on plans to move into greener office spaces with our remaining New York employees and to transition our London staff to a new office location.

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Engaging AB Employees on Sustainability

The Sustainable Employee Wellness Group (EWG) is dedicated to sustaining the environment both as a firm and as individuals. The group hosts regular events to engage and educate employees on topics including solar energy, recycling, safe water and eating sustainably.


Committed to Industry Leadership on Climate

AB is actively involved in climate-related organizations and initiatives:

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Analysts & Experts

Climate Science and Investing

AB is collaborating with climate experts at Columbia University’s Earth Institute to develop new insights and tools.


Environmental Insights

Investment Insights
A colorful rainbow of handprints
Carbon Handprints
17 June 2021 / 5 min read
by David Wheeler, Dan Roarty Evaluating carbon handprints, or the way a product or service affects the environment, is a good way to find companies that are providing powerful solutions to the world’s climate challenges while offering attractive growth potential.
ESG in Action
ESG in Action: Investing Lessons from Climate School, Class of 2021
ESG in Action: Investing Lessons from Climate School, Class of 2021
27 May 2021 / 16 min read
AllianceBernstein has developed, with our partners at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, the Climate Change and Investment Academy. This educational forum is designed to help our clients and partners learn more about the multifaceted science of climate change and the potential impact on investment decisions.
Investment Insights
Smoke billows from an industrial tower, darkening the sky and augmenting layers of baleful cloud.
Understanding Your Bond Portfolio’s Carbon Footprint
28 April 2021 / 6 min read
by Shawn Keegan, Salima Lamdouar Climate transition is a huge area of focus for investors. And corporate bonds will play a critical role in the journey to a net-zero carbon economy.