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3Q Topic: The Future of Energy

The Future of Energy

Presented by Robert Brackett, Jean Ann Salisbury, Oswald Clint, Deepa Venkateswaran, Rick Brink

Oil prices have been volatile for the past few years and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine upended the entire supply/demand framework.

Rick Brink, AB’s Chief Market Strategist, sat down with a panel of leading energy experts to discuss how the path ahead for energy—and related investment opportunities—will be defined by how we resolve today’s “power problems.” They covered these critical issues in the energy story:

Topics Covered

  1. How natural gas from North America – and the infrastructure that gets it to market – can address Europe’s natural gas shortfalls in the short and longer term

  2. Which renewables are poised to go from a tool to battle climate change to a key element to replace gaps in energy production

  3. The incentives and clarity that the Inflation Reduction Act brings to the US supply chain, and how it will build confidence in the US for solar, green hydrogen, and other renewables

  4. The role capital will play in energy transition: either in oil and natural gas developments, or rapid capital for renewables

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