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4Q 2022: Investment Implications of the Energy Transition

The renewable energy transition won’t be linear, and it won’t be smooth—reinventing a global energy system in just 20 to 30 years is a monumental task. 

In the latest installment, The Future of Energy, Part II, Rick Brink, AB’s Chief Market Strategist, and an expert panel turns the focus to the massive investment implications from reengineering a century-and a-half-old energy system.

Topics Covered

  1. Which headline renewable energy sources, like solar, wind and hydroelectric power offer compelling investment opportunities.

  2. Options for translating clean-energy sources into consistent power delivery.

  3. What's needed to enable broader production and adoption of hydrogen and nuclear power.

  4. How will the value of fossil fuel companies change as we transition to other energy sources.

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Past Topics

1Q 2022: Inflation

Rick BrinkInigo Fraser-Jenkins; Eric Winograd; Janaki Rao

Rising Prices and the Big Trade-Off—learn how investors can strike the best balance between inflation protection and market participation.

2Q 2022: Deglobalization

Rick BrinkInigo Fraser-JenkinsEric WinogradJanaki Rao

Life on the Other Side—gain insight into how deglobalization and reversals in the supercycle may make investors rethink their portfolio philosophy and design. 

3Q 2022: The Future of Energy

Robert Brackett; Jean Ann Salisbury; Oswald Clint; Deepa Venkateswaran; Rick Brink
Oil prices have been volatile for the past few years, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine upended the entire supply/demand framework.

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