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AB Disruptor Series: The US Banking Transition Accelerates

Presented by Rick Brink, CFA, Lucas Detor, James McNeill, CFA, Will Smith, CFA


US banks continue to garner headlines—almost a year removed from the heart of the regional crisis, and with the looming end of the Fed’s program to help stop the bleeding. Commercial real estate’s challenges remain—as does the pressure on banks, which delivered a healthy share of capital. All the while, the Basel III endgame nears.

But a bigger story has been afoot: the incredible shrinking US bank sector. Its numbers, which have withered for decades, are the lowest in over a century. The current environment should accelerate that decline, raising multi-trillion-dollar questions: Why? What does it mean for consumers and investors?

In our latest AB Disruptor Series episode, a panel of AB experts zooms in on key aspects of this topic.


What We Discussed

  1. Small banks face a dilemma as they navigate crises, competition, and changing consumer needs.

  2. The impact of COVID, rate fluctuations, and profit goals on regional banks, including their lending and securities activities and the resulting structural trends.

  3. Investment implications of the road ahead, including the impacts on capital access points such as equity and debt markets (public and private).


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