Disruptor Series

1Q 2022: Inflation


Rising Prices and the Big Trade-Off

Presented by Richard BrinkInigo Fraser JenkinsEric WinogradJanaki Rao

Inflation. Dormant for many years, it has returned with a vengeance,fed by pandemic-related challenges and easy-money policies. Inflation may end up as a temporary condition or a longer-lasting issue, but in either case it’s top of mind for many investors today.

We tackle inflation in the first of the Disruptor Series by AllianceBernstein.

Inflation Roundtable: Watch our virtual inflation roundtable, Rising Prices and the Big Trade-Off: Inflation Protection vs. Market Participation.


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Investors are dusting off their inflation-fighting playbooks, but protecting against inflation isn’t free. That requires assessing a critical trade-off: inflation-protecting ability versus opportunity cost.